Enjoy the serenity of the outdoors
Enjoy the serenity of the outdoors
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Low Tide


One morning, a few years ago, I was walking along the beach in Maine and noticed how dramatic the ocean is, especially during low tide. It was so bare and quiet but in just a few hours, the same area would be completely filled with water again. All of the rocks and little pools that dotted the sand would be hidden. I wanted to capture the time when the ocean pulls away to really observe what is left.

This piece is from a photo I took during that walk.

I choose to paint/draw on maple board for this painting in order to work with mixed media in a new way that I haven't been able to with canvas.


12" x 12" on maple board

medium used: acrylic, matte medium, soft pastels, charcoal, water color

You can purchase this piece here.

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